TNMTaruna Nusantara Motor (TNM) is the parent company of Bikermart Indonesia, Indotrend Bikers, Java Fast Logistic (JFL). Starting from a retail store business and motor workshop in 1998 on Pancasan Street Ajibarang Banyumas – Central Java, TNM continue to evolve over time. The retail business in 2000 began pioneering the sale of the wholesale system. Starting from business development in the area kanvasing BARLINGMASCAKEB (Banjarnegara, Purbalingga, Banyumas, Cilacap, and Kebumen) “area on Central Java”, TNM now continues to expand its network throughout the entire island of Java and even throughout Indonesia. TNM has experienced more than 14 years, and now our Active Customer number more than 1000 outlets (shops / workshops) that are spread throughout Indonesia. We are a large company and the distributors have recognized in the automotive world. Products and merchandise that we offer is a famous product which has guaranteed quality.




Bikermart Indonesia is a company developed by Taruna Nusantara Motor (TNM). The company is engaged in the Business Opportunity in partnership. The concept is applied is Modern Shop and Modern Market. Bikermart Indonesia is a pioneer Partnership and Franchise Systems business in a market-making workshop and spare parts, variations and accessoris motorcycle. All the needs of automotive business partners will be prepared, ranging from merchandise, shop equipment, workshop equipment, stationery work, accounting management system, to the means of promotion. Bikermart Indonesia  business opportunities in the automotive field for anyone interested. There is no reason for a partner who has a little knowledge about the automotive motorcycle, because we will be attending as a team that provides ease and general training on how to manage the business of motorcycle spare parts store, and workshop with modern concepts.

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Indotrend Bikers is a business development from Taruna Nusantara Motor (TNM). This is one of the subsidiaries of the TNM engaged in the automotive field with focus movement in the motorcycle category variation. In the process, become a distributor Indotrendbikers growing very rapidly due to the high consumer interest in shopping Variations Motorcycle. Indrotrend Bikers have the same barn with TNM but with different management. Vision and Mission Indotrend Bikers preferred to give satisfaction to the consumer and provide the most comprehensive Motorcycle variation of the other. We will be the leading distributor in Indonesia for the development of motorcycles in Indonesia was a significant increase in each year.



To facilitate the delivery and distribution of the products we sell, we formed a subsidiary company called JFL (Java Fast Logistics). This subsidiary has the main task of distributing products sold by TNM and Indotrend Bikers. Delivery is focused on areas of the island of Java, and as the development of the motorcycle, we will plan to expand the delivery distance up throughout Indonesia. For now, we have customers spread beyond the island of Java, delivery we do use a courier service if it was another trip to the outer islands. We will be using our own fleet to be able to send the goods to the customer which is beyond the island.


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